In today’s Gospel on the feast of St. Thomas we hear about Jesus appearing before his disciples. It is not because of anything they do that they encounter Christ; in fact they are hiding behind a locked door. No, they encounter Christ because Jesus seeks them out. But Thomas is not there and, when he hears of the appearance of Jesus, he doubts. Eight days later Jesus appears again and this time Thomas is present. Jesus addresses Thomas’ doubts and Thomas believes.

Today’s gospel should bring us hope, especially because the bar is set awfully low. Jesus appears to a group of disciples who are hiding and one who has doubted. Yet, Jesus seeks them out! As Christians we can feel ashamed about being anxious or having doubts and we can be tempted to keep these to ourselves. However, on this feast of St. Thomas, let us remember Jesus’ desire to be with his followers no matter where they are at.

“I do believe, help my unbelief! (Mk 9:24)

—Brother Pat Douglas, S.J. lives and works at Creighton University, Omaha. He is also vocation promoter for the Wisconsin Province Jesuits.