This section of the Gospel of St. Luke is entitled “The Would-be Followers of Jesus.” The first would-be follower volunteered himself, but Jesus denied him. The other two were called by Christ but gave him excuses (even noble ones) for not immediately heading his call.

Jesus told the first that he was making a commitment he wasn’t ready to fulfill. The last two were more ready than they knew. Jesus, himself, called them by name to follow him, yet they told him they were not ready. Wouldn’t it make sense that if Jesus says you’re ready, then you must be ready? Yet, many still hesitate. To follow Jesus is the most noble, the highest good one could choose.

What good things are you holding onto in your life that are keeping you from the best thing? Are you willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice if Jesus asks you?

—Sam Mauck is the Director of Catholic Campus & Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Memphis, which is a member of the Charis Ministries Partner Program.