Sometimes proclaiming the truth can be intimidating, lonely, or even dangerous. Jesus has some harsh words for the Pharisees and scholars of the law in today’s gospel. His words sorely afflict those who are comfortable and privileged, and they react with hostility. As Jesus’ disciples, we also proclaim the truth with our words and especially with our actions. Proclaiming the truth, in love, doesn’t always mean using words. The way we use our finances, our time, and our influence “speaks” volumes about the role Jesus Christ has in our life.

Who in my life speaks truth to me? Who holds me accountable to the gospel? Do I stand for the truth even when it’s difficult? Am I willing to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable like Jesus does? How have I been Christ’s hands and feet to someone today? Do I see those in need with his compassionate eyes?

Maggie Melchior is a convert to the Catholic faith. She currently serves as Coordinator of New Evangelization and Faith Formation for a parish in the Diocese of Green Bay.