“The greatest among you must be your servant.”

I sometimes struggle with the fact that people often look to me for leadership when, in many ways, I know that I’d rather just be a member of the “supporting cast.” It seems easier to be true to your servant’s heart when you let someone else be in charge. But sometimes God makes it clear that he wants us to put our talents in the forefront, and take the lead. For me, that means turning my reluctance into humility, seeking the advice and help of colleagues, and knowing that true servants can’t go it alone. It also means having the courage, with God’s help, to make decisions about how best to serve. Some may disagree with me, and I might make the wrong decision. But if I remember that any greatness I achieve comes only from my sincere desire to serve God and others, I can find the humility and confidence to lead, both when we realize our desires, and when we fall short.

—Fr. Mark Mossa, SJ, is the Director of Campus Ministry at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL.




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