The Gospel for today was also proclaimed during Lent. Jesus said he came as a fulfillment of the law, not to abolish anything. What was said in the Scripture was true as spoken by Jesus, and is still true today for all of us. We can’t pick and choose or say, “that was a different time.”

We are going through difficult, or at least challenging, times in our country. As we listen to the bickering about safety on our streets and safety for our borders, it seems to me Jesus came to show us how to fulfill the teaching of love of God, neighbor and self. Nothing has changed today, nor back during his public ministry.

This gospel of fulfilling the law reminded me of a quote from St. Augustine that I heard recently: “Mercy is like a mom with two lovely daughters: one is justice and the other compassion.” This is the mercy we need to show to all who are seeking refuge, shelter, and safety.

—Camille Devaney serves as Board chair for the Ignatian Spirituality Project (ISP).