We enter Holy Week. This gospel story overflows with imagery, drama and foreshadowing. Cavalry seems to loom. What speaks to me are not the words of Jesus but his actions.

He has entrusted himself to the Father. He is aware that in the days to come he will die.  So he takes time to be with those he loves. Lazarus, Martha and Mary. This is blessed time.  He allows them to pour out their love for Him. I imagine a lavish meal and then the anointing. Such tenderness.

I recall the final days of some of my loved ones and the profound comfort that came from being in each other’s company.

As we acknowledge the suffering of Jesus that is to come let us pause and allow our hearts to be moved. Can we pour out our love to Him with our actions?   

—Erin Maiorca serves as associate director of Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House, Barrington, IL.