Jesus constantly searches for disciples to share his mission. He doesn’t always succeed, even with privileged friends like Peter, but he keeps inviting isolated people like Matthew the tax collector into community.

Although Jesus loves praying in silence, he is never alone for long. This is not an extrovert’s preference but a mirror of the love between Father, Son and Spirit in the Trinity.

Matthew ends his Gospel with Jesus gathering his scattered and fragile disciples on a mountain before sending them out in the name of the Trinity to make the community larger.

Many people are interested in spirituality but not religion, meaning they want to find God without belonging to a community. Ironically, the God they will find, if their quest succeeds, is not a solitary individual, but a community of three Who want to include all of us.

Why wouldn’t I accept their invitation?

—Fr. Tom Rochford, S.J. is moving to Denver where he will serve as chaplain and artist-in-residence at Regis Jesuit High School. He is an artist (primarily oil painting), photographer and videographer.