We hear in today’s Gospel the inner logic of the Christian life. Jesus says it is a game of “follow the leader,” a leadership chain that ends not with a merely human leader, but with the God-man and God the Father who created man.

Everything in life ought to point to Christ. Not only our thoughts, actions, and words, but our institutions, political systems, culture, and entertainment should reflect Christ’s brilliance, convey Christ’s Truth, and help us follow in Christ’s footsteps. A cursory glance at our world reveals that we have strayed far from that path.

Jesus offers us antidotes at the Last Supper. Along with the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit, Jesus establishes an apostolic church to spread his Word and administer his grace. We ought to continually pray for fidelity to Christ and his Body on Earth, the Church, trusting that she will lead us along his path.

—Sam McGrath is a 9th  grade Theology teacher at  Verbum Dei High School in Los Angeles.