On Jesuits, On Japan – Parts 1-6

April 22, 2014 5:07 pm

About “On Jesuits, On Japan”:

Andrew Odeh (former LPI intern and Loyola Marymount film student) recently studied abroad at the Jesuit institution Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. Over a full semester, he crafted insightful vignettes about Japan’s people, their culture, and the Japanese approach to life itself.

Highlights of this video series include episodes on Japanese spirituality, the Christian presence, and Jesuit involvement within this captivating country. Also explored are the wonder and the beauty of pure Japan – from a visit in Kyoto, to a hike up Mount Fuji!

Nihon awaits!

Greetings from Nihon! – On Jesuits, On Japan – Episode 1
Catch that train, peer out that window, and experience a visual journey into the heart of Tokyo! Join Andrew as he introduces who he is and lays the foundation for the incredible experiences to follow!
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The Adachi International Academy – On Jesuits, On Japan – Episode 2
Witness the involvement of the Jesuits in modern-day Japan, and experience how one Jesuit uplifts and impacts the under-privileged in Japan: the children of immigrant laborers.
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On Japanese Identity – On Jesuits, On Japan – Episode 3
In Japan, the very understanding of one’s identity differs from its Western counterpart. Learn how the Japanese population operates, and recognize the powerful values that constitute this phenomenal mind-set.
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A Taste of Kyoto & Japanese Shintoism – On Jesuits, On Japan – Episode 4
God can be found in Kyoto. Breathe in the air, and journey to Japan’s most profound and spiritually-layered city. Look up, and attain the basic tenets of Japan’s most ancient religion: Shintoism.
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Hakodate & Christianity in Japan – On Jesuits, On Japan – Episode 5
Sail north to Japan’s port city of Hakodate, and discover the country’s outlook on Christianity, its interactions with the Church, and the overall impact of this Western religion on Japanese culture.
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Scaling Mount Fuji – On Jesuits, On Japan – Episode 6
Calling all thrill-seekers, you’re in luck! Mount Fuji opens to the general public only two months out of every year. Ever wanted to see what was at the top? (Hint: the answer will surprise you).
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About Andrew Odeh:

Based in Los Angeles, Andrew Odeh is a writer, director, and current film student at Loyola Marymount University. He pursues every step of the creative process – from pre-production to post-production. In the spring of 2013, he studied abroad at Sophia University, where his appreciation of globally-minded filmmaking took hold. Presently, he is completing a feature-length film about the realities of daily-life in contemporary Japan.

See more of Andrew Odeh’s work here.

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