Why does Jesus frequently pose questions rather than simply stating who he is? Could he be trying to help us expand our imagination? Today he invites us, through questions, to consider that the one we call “Christ” is actually a descendent of David, a human being like ourselves, yet still due such reverence that even David would call him “lord.”

We believe that we are the body of Christ, but how often do we really reverence that sacred reality? Rather, I get bothered because he brags too much about his kids, and she whines about how her leg hurts. Yet he clearly loves his kids, and she volunteers every week despite chronic pain. Can I reverence the holiness that is truly present here?

Jesus, we saw last Friday that even you had bad days; please expand our imagination so we can give due reverence to your presence all around us.

—Fr. Tim Hipskind, S.J. is co-director of the Institute for Leadership and Service, as well as Director of Service Learning at the University of Detroit Mercy. He regularly ministers to Hispanic Catholics in the Detroit area.