We are a resurrection people. We know the joy and the hope of Jesus’ resurrection that we celebrate in this Easter season. Today’s gospel gives us a glimpse into the first taste of that hope, in Jesus’ apparition to Mary Magdalene. Mary received one of the greatest gifts, and then was charged to go out and share it.

We too have received this gift. And, just like Mary Magdalene, we are also called to go out and share the “good news.” We are invited to experience this immense joy and hope that Mary felt. We have gone through the depths of darkness in Christ’s passion, and are now invited to experience Christ’s great joy and hope.

What are the signs of resurrection in my life today?
How can I share this joy and hope for those who do not recognize it yet?

—Marcos Gonzales, a Jesuit scholastic of the California province, is completing his masters of social work at Loyola University Chicago and interning with the Cook County Juvenile Probation Department.