Well, dear Readers, @IggyGram’s gotten some great submissions for its Lenten “World Blessed and Broken” photoblog!  Many thanks for all who’ve shared their talent with us so far

NOTE: “So far!”  We’re accepting photos all throughout Lent, so send your pics on over to @IggyGram or to iggygram@thejesuitpost.org.  And spread the news!

Some really important reminders:

  1. Most importantly: we’re looking for original work.  Pictures of pictures of other works of art, for example, don’t quite fit the bill.  Besides, we can run into copyright issues if we go down that road.
  2. We need pics that fit our Lenten theme: “A World Blessed and Broken.”  If you have awesome original pics of things that fall outside the theme, please hang onto them for another call for photos… i.e. for another theme!
  3. Submit your name and a short blurb – about 100-110 characters – explaining how your image fits the Lenten theme.
  4. And, as always… read the full list of terms and conditions before submitting photos.

That’s about all for now, folks.  Scroll down for the original post, if you like.  But most importantly, spend some time with the first intrepid contributors to the @IggyGram photo blog:


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Lent has begun, and TJP wants an original photo from you.  The IggyGram theme for this season is “A World Blessed and Broken.”  So grab your iPhone, Canon or Nikon and send us an original photo of something “Lentish” – an image that speaks of this season of contemplation and reconciliation, an image that shows “A World Blessed and Broken.”  Don’t forget to include your name and a 107-character (mini-Tweet) description of why you chose your image!1

A couple of examples:

Photo credit: Matthew Pyrc, SJ

Photo credit: Matthew Pyrc, SJ

I saw this in a food bank dumpster. 

In a country of plenty, a lot of people go hungry!  Look beyond the bread you eat…”

Crucifix, Grand Coteau

Photo credit: Jay Hooks, SJ

“I saw this when I was walking on a foggy morning,

and remembered that there’s both brokenness and blessing on the cross.”

Easy, right?  So take a good look around, get creative, and let us know how YOU see things.  FYI, we’ll be displaying your photos on our Facebook page, so prepare to get Liked.

How to submit your photo:

  • Email your original photo, a 107-character explanation and your name to iggygram@thejesuitpost.org
  • Tweet your photo, name and explanation to @IggyGram
  • Please read IggyGram’s terms and conditions before submitting your photo

Blessings this Lent!

-The IggyGram Staff