Did Jesus’ relatives and childhood friends really lack faith? These are the people he prayed with each Sabbath and played with during the week. As he was growing up, these people fed him, watched him, and maybe even corrected him. Did these people really lack faith in God and God’s promises?

I think the real issue is that they took offense at Jesus’ actions. They found it hard to see beyond the child and young man they had known. They wanted—even expected—Jesus not to change or grow up. They wanted him to remain the same person they knew.

Too often I take “offense” when family members, friends, or co-workers try something new or make a change in their lives. Sometimes I scoff at the new idea or am “less than encouraging” to the person making the change. If I am honest with myself, many times I don’t want the person (or the situation) to change.

Also…perhaps I try to limit these changes in others because I don’t want to admit that I should be making changes in my life.

—John Moriconi, S.J. is a Jesuit brother who serves as provincial secretary for the Chicago-Detroit Jesuit province.