It is hard for us to find much in common with Herod in today’s Gospel.  He is willing to put John in jail because he doesn’t like what he has to say about Herod’s moral choices.  Then, instead of going back on a promise he made and losing face, he has John killed.  His decisions, obviously, are wrong.  We are rarely placed in a similar situation where a moral question is that black and white.  

In all likelihood, however, there are more subtle times in our lives where we face these challenges.  Are there times when we know a person or idea is right, but we are afraid that people will think less of us if we stand up for it?  When someone is willing to speak a hard truth to us, do we take it to heart, or do we put up a wall and respond in anger?  Are we willing to listen to the prophetic voices in our lives?

—The Jesuit Prayer team