In today’s Gospel we have the scene where a Greek woman, a foreigner, asks for healing for her daughter. Jesus’ initial response seems out of character. It appears that he only wants to take care of his people, not foreigners. Something about that scene calls to mind the current turmoil in this country in light of the president’s executive order regarding immigrants and refugees. Some people seem only concerned with the welfare of “their own people” rather than the welfare of all.

When we go back to the Gospel and hear the rest of the story we see that Jesus does have genuine care for this woman and her daughter. Her daughter is healed. She, a foreigner, was not banned from God’s healing grace.

How do I welcome the stranger, the alien, or the refugee? Let us pray that we all might do what God wants.

—Margaret Horner currently serves as the Director of Liturgy, Gesu Parish, Milwaukee, WI