Let us come into a time of prayer reverently seeking the face of God. How do we give God glory, this mysterious Creator/Creating God of the earth, its fullness, the world, and all who dwell in it?

It is a bit of a struggle to give constant praise and glory if I think of that as bowing before an entity outside myself, unconnected to myself. I find myself thinking “Is this all there is to do? It’s boring!”  I have tried to be pious in that way with mixed results. I have prayed and then went about my plans for the day or week disconnected from my prayer.

I have given God greater glory in acknowledging God’s indwelling in me and all creation and savoring being a part of God’s plan. Life is more meaningful in seeing God’s will unfold in ordinary days and letting the Lord enter each moment.  The Incarnation is ongoing. Only in Christ can God be given full glory and God enters into our humanity in Jesus and remains Christ Incarnate.

Let us contemplate Mary’s yes to the indwelling of God within her and Jesus born of her.  Let the Lord enter us.  What are you being called to say yes to in your life that will birth new life in Christ?

As we end this reflection, be with the Lord and give glory to God transcendent and imminent.

—Janet Lehane is Assistant Director of the Spirituality Program for Adults at St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland OH.