In today’s Gospel we hear of ten lepers who are healed by Jesus, but only one who responds—only one who gave thanks. We are told that the one who does—the one whose faith saves him—is a Samaritan, an outsider. How often do we think that, because we call ourselves believers, we are doing “enough”?

I know I am not nearly as appreciative as I should be, and that I have so much to learn from those considered outsiders around me. To me, this passage is a reminder that God does so much for us, and that God gets so much joy from our gratitude. So if you or I get the chance to thank God for what God has done for us—there is always something—let’s take it!

Maggie Larin is a sophomore studying Sociology at the University of Michigan. She is an active member of  St. Mary’s Student Parish in Ann Arbor.