The Lord formed human beings….He made them to be like himself.
Sirach 17: 1-3

Donald Cross Peattie has written a lot about nature.  In one article he made this suggestion:  If you ever find a spider spinning a web, run and get your little boy or girl. “Lift your child to see.  Tell him that the shining sliver drawn out of the spider’s body has a greater tensile strength than steel.  If he learns admiration instead of disgust for the tiny spinner, he will have learned one of the greatest lessons in nature—that all life is sacred.”

Today, more than ever, we need to stress that all life—especially human life— is a gift from God and is sacred. To what extent—and why—do I agree that today, more than ever, we need to stress the sacredness of life?

By having reverence for life, we enter into a spiritual relationship with the world.  Albert Schweitzer

—Excerpted from Action by Fr. Mark Link, S.J.  © 2000 RCL Enterprises, Inc., Allen TX.  For more prayer resources by Fr. Link, please visit