In the first reading, we are told that “a fountain to purify from sin and unclean- ness” shall be opened to the house of David and to its inhabitants.  In the second reading St. Paul tells us “we are children of God;  we are clothed with Christ” —precisely  because we have been baptized in Christ, and “we are one.”  In the gospel Jesus asks, “Who do the crowds say that I am?”  And then he challenges Peter,  “But who do you say that I am?”

With these challenging words before us, let us call upon the Holy Spirit as we ponder:
Why do you stay true to your baptism?
Imagine yourself face to face with Christ.
He asks you, “Who do you say I am?” 
What is your response?

Finally, imagine that you are looking into
Jesus’ eyes and ask him:  “Who do you say
that I am?”  What is Jesus’ answer?

Fr. Tim Shepard, S.J. is a pastoral minister, librarian, and retreat director living at Colombiere, the Chicago-Detroit Jesuit retirement center in Clarkston MI.