Jesus speaks to us in today’s gospel about the need to remember our place in relationship to God. We are subservient to and in darkness about the Lord’s plan, but that all will be revealed.

We are encouraged not to fear. God knows all and protects all. We are to proclaim Him in word and deed.  God wants us to love.

This passage is timely in light of several events over the last several weeks:

  •       Pope Francis, as an instrument of the Lord, has shed a bright light on our maltreatment of the earth and the need for correction.
  •       The Supreme Court issued a ruling on same sex marriages, calling for equal rights to love in the institution of marriage.
  •       A racist killed 9 in a Charleston, SC bible study.

What fears do these events elicit in you?  How do you continue to hold God’s light with these and other events in your life?

—Jenni and Dan O’Brien. Dan serves as regional development director for the Wisconsin Province Jesuits. Jenni is the mother of two young children and a psychotherapist specializing in depression, anxiety, and adjustment issues with teens and adults.