Jesus’ disciples are not only open to Jesus, but they actively seek Jesus. This gospel tells us that if we want to truly see and listen, as the disciples did, we must constantly look and listen for Jesus. We are challenged to live a life of intention and purpose in our pursuit of Jesus. We will only understand the parables of Jesus if we are open and receptive to them, rather than closed off, complacent, or too busy. As disciples we should use our eyes and ears to find moments in our lives where Jesus is unfolding a parable before us.

How might the world be different if everyday the goal was to listen and see with an openness to finding God’s hidden presence? Is there a place in my life Jesus might be speaking to me, trying to tell me a parable, in which I am not listening?

—Samantha Grady is currently completing her Masters in Theology degree at Loyola University Chicago.