Today’s readings offer us both encouragement and lots of faith. In the passage from the Book of Samuel, God establishes the house of Israel as the “line of David” forever. That’s quite a dose of encouragement for the Jewish people who were in a perpetual state of homelessness. And Jesus reminds us in the gospel that “the measure with which you measure out will be measured back to you. To the one who has, more will be given.”

In truth, each of us inherits that same promise of God’s overwhelming generosity to people of faith. As believers who have received so much, the personal challenge to respond in love is obvious. How can we possibly measure up?

Pope Francis reminds us that the poor so often show us how. Look around your neighborhood, even in your own school and home. Perhaps it is in small gestures of sharing and speaking, lifting a burden and offering support, listening first and then responding as possible that we share the Lord’s love. As always, the “poor” —however we find them—will show us the way.

—The Jesuit Prayer Team