We have a major advantage over the disciples. We know what happens in Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection.  There is no guessing, nor a need for a leap of faith.  This can also be a disadvantage, if we get too used to the story and we hear it but don’t connect with it.

Imagine being a disciple of Christ at the time of His life.  Take a prayerful moment to put yourself in the presence of Christ. See the life of Jesus through a new perspective. Understand the warmth of his love, the tragedy of his death, and the elation of his resurrection. The words Christ spoke to his apostles are also meant for us. Make the Gospels fresh and new so that you can do more than just hear the story of Christ’s life:  you can live it.

—Mary Lou Manion is an intern in the spiritual direction program at Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House, Barrington, IL.