In today’s gospel reading we are reminded about the capacity of man to care for one another. As the crowd listened to the words of Jesus, “he began teaching them.” The words of Jesus allow them to let down their guard. The actions of Jesus in blessing the bread brought them together to become a better community.

This story often reminds me of the children’s story “Stone Soup”. We all remember a traveler coming into a village that was locked inside itself for fear of giving away too much. The visitor began with just a pot of water and a stone. Each one of us has a little bit of seasoning that adds to the flavor of the soup. When the village was present and fear was no longer in their hearts, Jesus asked the community to “Go and See” if the people had anything to offer, and the miracle began.

—Terry Kult, ARPN, BS, serves as health care coordinator for the Jesuits of the Omaha and Minneapolis regions.