In the Gospel today, Jesus’ command seems simultaneously simple and complicated. Three words: “love one another.” Three simple words which appear in direct contrast to most of the news of recent months, and even the tone of our national conversation. Yet, if we are truly to be Christ’s disciples following him with our whole hearts, his command remains simple: Love one another.

And that sounds lovely; but we often complicate that command. Sure, we love others…but do we love those with whom we disagree? Sure we love others… but do we love those who offend us or hurt us? Sure we love others… but we complicate the command as a way to avoid the hard work of laying down our very life and preferences for another.

Still, Jesus remains calling us as friends to walk with him in his simple mission of love: [Go] Love one another.

—Colten Biro, S.J. is a Jesuit scholastic of the Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province; he is currently studying philosophy at St. Louis University.