Today’s scripture from the first letter of John sums up the Jesuit way of life so wellliving as men and women for others. By loving and caring for those around us whom we see, we in turn show love to our heavenly Father whom we cannot see. Jesus came to deliver us his greatest commandment; to love one another as he has loved us. Yes, this is quite a tall order, and yes, we will fail at this calling many times throughout our lives. Unconditionally loving those around us can be challenging at times because we often fail to recognize the eyes of Christ in them. But today’s scripture confirms that we are the begotten children of God and that, by loving each other, we love him. Nothing breaks a parent’s heart more than seeing their children fighting or apathetic toward each other. God feels the same way with us. We are all siblings under his name. Let us try and see the brother and sister in everyone we meet.

—Michael Gabriele serves as Director of Communications for the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus, and is a graduate of Loyola University Maryland.