Job lost everything: His children? Dead. His home? Gone. His possessions? Destroyed. His health? Failed. His friends? No comfort or support. Fair-weather friends each one since his companions blamed everything on punishment for some hidden sin.  Their answer? Come clean and repent. His wife’s solution? Just curse God and die!

How did Job react to all this? He affirmed a rock-solid faith: “I know my Redeemer lives!”

What an incredible faith message. In a society that believes the mantra, “He who dies with the most toys wins,” Job’s affirmation offers a stark contrast. “I have lost everything; yet I still believe that God loves me, that he will save me, and that one day I will see him standing with me!”

Could I walk in Job’s shoes? Could I affirm my faith in a loving, personal God even when all I see around me is disaster? Today, let us pause to consider: Does my faith stand strong in only the good times? Or is my faith strong in spite of my circumstances?

—Howard Craig is the director of advancement for the Midwest Jesuits. He and his wife Cheryl have five daughters, six grandkids, and two dogs.