In the first reading, Elijah’s NEED is provided for by God.  Our psalm response, “Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and Earth,” reiterates that God provides for our NEEDS. The gospel tells us that Jesus himself confirms in the beatitudes that we are Blessed in our NEED because God will provide. Recently a man came to me and said, “I need help.” I said, “What do you need?” He said, “Could I have some water?” I said, “Yes, we have water.” Then he turned it down.  I said, “Well, what do you need?  We have food, water, clothing, maybe some other resources to help you in your need.” He said, “Never mind”, and he left.

I was frustrated in my effort to help fill his NEED. I realize that he himself may not have known what he needed.  Perhaps there are times in our lives that we get stuck in our neediness and become so comfortable there that we can’t move on. God knows what our needs are, and God provides us the opportunity to “move on” from our need.

Angie Stover, Office Manager at Sacred Heart Parish, Pine Ridge, SD.