“I will remember you upon my couch, and through the night-watches I will meditate on you.”

In the age of television “binge-watching,” I couldn’t help but imagine that this line from today’s psalm, as translated here, might suggest that even a “couch potato” could be thirsting for God. I’ve developed a habit of trying to hear God’s voice, wherever it can be found, including in movies, TV, literature and popular music. I am attracted by the common, ordinary human sentiment these stories contain. The desire for God leaping from the screen! Seeing that, I cannot remain a passive consumer. Instead, I become an active evangelist for the God I meet there, the “couch” only a place of watchful waiting for a message that must be shared with the real people God gives to me, who, in turn, share their God-story with me. Together we can cultivate a habit of awareness, always on the lookout for God, from couch to church to commonplace–a community constantly anticipating God’s arrival, God’s presence.

—Fr. Mark Mossa, SJ, is the Director of Campus Ministry at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL.





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