Once again we experience a transition weekend in our faith communities. Tomorrow we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord. Monday brings the celebration of Jesus’s baptism by John at the River Jordan. On Tuesday we begin the first period of Ordinary Time in 2018.

St. Ignatius Loyola always invites us during times of transition to review the past and then to look forward. What special personal and family events were important for me over Christmas? How were my relationships strengthened with family and friends? What am I looking forward to now in 2018?

When during the holidays did God’s grace come alive in a particular way? How is God moving in my heart right now as the new year begins? Can I imagine how God is inviting me to use my gifts and talents in some new way? Or simply to put fresh energy into the familiar routine that January now brings?

Find some quiet time to ponder whatever questions and possibilities emerge in your heart and soul. Be grateful…and look ahead with hope!

—The Jesuit Prayer team







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