What did Jesus say or do that led his family to conclude that “He is out of his mind”? Clearly Jesus was forging a new path, preferring to associate with those who were sick and lame, and even going so far as to expel demons. Then there was that business of associating with known sinners…the riffraff outcasts of society. As we read elsewhere in Mark, Jesus’ radical approach to people and situations was just “too much for them”.

In the quiet of my heart, can I ponder if Jesus is sometimes “too much” for me? I live by the commandments (pretty much) and I try to live as Jesus invites…but am I willing to move beyond the comfort zone of my daily routine to really give my heart to Jesus?  To give some of my time and talents to those in need … even those “needy” folks in my own family or classroom or neighborhood? Jesus was even willing to give his life for others. How am I willing to give some of my own time and energy and life…just today?

—The Jesuit Prayer Team