Jealousy is an insidious disease of the spirit. It eats away deep within and can lead a person to acts she or he might otherwise consider unthinkable…if in their “right mind.” How fortunate for David that Jonathan had courage enough to stand up to King Saul, mollifying his anger and reasoning with him about the truth of the situation.

Across the globe we can readily identify any number of political situations which are deteriorating because of similar intolerance and hubris. The same is true of difficult family situations where the “wheels have come off” in a fit of anger or hatred. It takes quite a bit of courage to speak up in the face of hardened attitudes and angry threats. Bringing the angry party to a point of reason and reality involves the skill and commitment of true peacemaking. Hard work–but well worth it for the health and hope of a family, a community, even our Church.

Is there some situation where I can bring words of calm, a gesture of peace, even a brief oasis of forgiveness? If so, ask the Lord to give you the “right words”… and go for it!

—The Jesuit Prayer Team