Lepers in Jesus time were ostracized and made to live outside of the community. If anyone approached them, they had to shout out, “Unclean! Unclean!” How lonely and isolated they must have felt. It had to have been emotionally painful to announce that you were an outcast. When the lepers were healed, I can only imagine the relief and joy they would have felt. The healing did not just cure their leprosy. Now they were no longer outcasts.

But only one remembered to come back to thank Jesus and to praise God.

As I examine my life, I know that there have been times when I have been late in expressing my thanks to God for the many blessing in my life. I am more like the other nine lepers who forget to offer their gratitude.

Let us open our eyes to the many blessings we receive each day and not delay in giving praise and thanks to God.

—Margaret Horner earned a Master of Pastoral Studies degree from St. Francis de Sales Seminary. She currently serves as the Director of Liturgy at Gesu Parish, Milwaukee, WI.