How great is our God? God who loves us gave us life. God who is rich in mercy bestows immeasurable riches of grace upon us and transforms us by doing so. God saves us by grace through faith. All God gives is gift. We do nothing to earn these gifts of mercy and grace, and God uses the entire world to labor on our behalf so that we might see the riches bestowed on us and understand the depth by which we are loved by God.

And what is our role? First, we are to open ourselves up to receive these gifts of mercy, grace, and faith. Second, we are to return them to God by doing the “good works” that God is inviting us to do.

Where do I see the immeasurable riches of grace in my life? How is God inviting me to bring these riches into the “good works” I am created for?

—Becky Eldredge is a spiritual director, writer, retreat facilitator and mom of three.