A weekend brings the opportunity to look backward and forward. What graces and gifts has God showered on me this first week of September—at home, at work, within our family, among my friends? As summer ends and fall sets in, where will my leadership be tested in my business life? How is the Lord inviting me to strengthen our family spirit? And how thoughtfully am I loving my spouse?

These questions emerge from praying the words of today’s psalm. Whether I pay attention or not, the Lord is indeed “near to all who call upon him”—even me. God does “fulfill the desires of those who fear him”— even amidst our family’s hectic schedule. The Lord is “just in all his ways and holy in all his works”—even in the tough decisions I will need to take next week at work, surely with all those good folks I will meet, certainly within the challenging situations I will need to infuse with God’s grace and possibility.

With those I live with and amongst those I will engage with around town in the days to come, “may my mouth speak the praise of the Lord…and may God’s name be blessed forever.”

—The Jesuit Prayer Team