Today is the memorial of St. Bonaventure—Franciscan theologian and philosopher. Like St. Francis, St. Bonaventure had a love of nature and went on to say, “it is through created things that God speaks to us and gives us a glimpse of himself.”

In today’s Gospel, we encounter Jesus embroiled in a controversy with the Pharisees over the meaning of keeping the Sabbath.The Sabbath was meant to be a time when ordinary work ceased, so as to remember and celebrate God’s goodness. However, Jesus defends the disciples’ actions and argues that mercy and kindness in response to human need are more important to keeping the Sabbath than is legalistic sacrifice.

Let us pause today and embrace moments of Sabbath in our own life. Summer has a way of connecting Christ and creation similar to the words of St. Bonaventure because it is a beautiful season that feeds our body and soul. Take a moment today to find God in the nature that surrounds you.

—Kathleen Cullen Ritter serves as Director of Campus Ministry at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School, Milwaukee, WI. She attended Marquette University and served with the Jesuit Volunteer Corp in Bend, OR.