In today’s Gospel, Jesus’s latest miracles seem to have inspired quite a lot of searching and confusion among his followeRabbi, we have been looking for you! When did you get to Capernaum? Come to think of it, how did you get across the sea without a boat? What is this food of eternal life?

Like that crowd, I am searching and searching for Jesus and often miss the place and the point. In my searching, I ask the same question these followers ultimately ask of Jesus: how do I do God’s work? Though I may feel lost and confused, and though I may get distracted by the fear, doubt, or the expectations of others, Jesus tells me, “This is the work of God, that you believe in the one he sent.”

I am never in this alone, and everything I am called to do is with and through Jesus.

—Amanda Collins is a Religious Studies teacher at St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago.