A mustard seed is 1-2 mm in size, yet this tiny seed holds the potential to become a tree up to 15 feet tall and produces thousands of seeds. No matter how small our faith may feel to us, God has the power to do wondrous, amazing things even within the tiniest inklings of faith.

Within each of us lies our seed of faith; a seed yearning to grow, hoping to break out of its shell and begin its rapid growth. Some of us began our faith journey long ago. Some of us are in the early stages of our faith journeys. All of us, though, do things that can inhibit our growth in God and cause us to sin and decrease our faith. Do we believe, though, that God works within us, within our desires, within our life circumstances, despite of our choices?

Where in our lives do we need to pray the prayer the Apostles prayed, “Increase our faith, Lord”?

—Becky Eldredge is a spiritual director, writer, retreat facilitator and mom of three.