How interesting that some in the crowd tried to suppress the blind man’s cry for Jesus. Were they embarrassed by his shouting? Did they judge him to be inappropriate? Were they trying to protect Jesus? We all can probably think of a time when we felt embarrassed or passed judgment on a boisterous person trying to be heard. We can also probably recall a situation where we hesitated to get involved with someone in need.

Let’s reflect on the beauty of the other side of this story – the part where the man received his sight.  When he opened his eyes, he looked into the face of Jesus! For the first time he actually saw nature and the crowd of people all around him.  What was that like!

Voices singing praise to God filled the air! The blind man’s heart must have skipped a beat at the wonder of it all. Jesus responded to his plea. How has your relationship with Jesus opened your eyes to see more clearly?

Pat Schloemer is a member of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish, Cincinnati, Ohio, and in her fourth year of service with the Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps. Pat and Sam Schloemer have been married 54 years, have 4 married children, and 11 grandchildren.