Regardless of our age, we are most likely familiar with the Nike slogan “Just do it”. If they were available then, Jesus would probably be wearing one of these shirts as he preached today’s Gospel. Jesus says to the apostles: Serve and don’t worry about anything else. Just do the right thingdo as Jesus would do.

As with most things, this is easier said than done. At one time in our lives, we have most likely been in a position of responsibilityperhaps as a parent or a supervisor at work. And we have most likely lost true focus on serving God in that position. Yet true leadership is found in serving others. We can learn servant leadership by studying the actions of great role models like Jesus, Mary, and the Saints. Let the spirit of the example guide us throughout this weekend…and beyond.  

—Jenni and Dan O’Brien. Dan serves as regional development director for the Wisconsin Province Jesuits. Jenni is the mother of two young children and a psychotherapist specializing in depression, anxiety, and adjustment issues with teens and adults.