The worldwide body of Jesus Christ has different faces and tackles innumerably different challenges and needs. This weekend we hold up that reality as we celebrate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. Each of us has a family history and personal story. Each of us has been marked as a member of Christ’s body. And each of us is sent on mission each day to care for this “body of Christ.”

The challenges are many– the personal and family needs of those around us are often daunting. The truth is that “Christ has no body now but yours,” as the hymn goes. And so we find ourselves in unexpected places, in conversation with dear friends as well as total strangers. Your words, my smile, her personal care, his willingness to “open a door”love-filled actions like these make a wonderful difference in notable, often unheralded ways. We do in fact share our faith, hope and love as we look into the eyes and share the each other’s burdens. And so this weekend we “set the table,” one for the other.
Truly Christ has no body now but yours!

—The Jesuit Prayer Team