Imagine the seven friends fishing all night and catching little. The frustration they must have felt. Then someone from shore suggests dropping nets again. Their thoughts might have been; “Don’t you think we’ve done that?” They then think… “Why not?” and they catch more than they could imagine.

Upon recognizing that it was the Lord, Peter jumps into the water. The boat must have arrived long before Peter does. Yet his abundant excitement to be in the presence of his friend, the risen Lord caused him to do something crazy.

Then they share a meal, again. The community that is built through friends eating together is an important community. The conversations and the compassion shared as the friends prepare and eat together are significant.

Do you feel that compassion with those with whom you eat? Are meals what you do together of alone as you are running from one thing to the next? This Easter Season (all 50 days) try to eat more often with others…and imagine the Risen Lord eating with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourselves so excited to get to those meals that you might do something crazy, like jump out a boat.

—Fr. Kevin Schneider, SJ is the director of adult spirituality programs at Creighton Preparatory School in Omaha, NE. He is a spiritual director and offers parish missions and retreats in the style of Ignatian Spirituality.