There are times when I am leaving the office or my house and someone stops me and says “Do you have a minute?” or “Can you help me?” Many times I think “I don’t have time for this” or “This is not on my schedule!” his gospel story encourages me to allow my heart to respond to the person instead of worrying about my schedule.  

In the story, Jesus is setting out on a journey and a young man stops him and asks a question. Jesus does not say “I am busy” or “See me during my normal business hours” or “I am going away, see me when I return.” Instead, Jesus listens to the man, answers his questions, and then encourages him to deeper faith and trust in God. But in this story Jesus does something even more amazing than giving his time: He loves the man!

Maybe the next time someone approaches me when I am busy or on my way someplace I can emulate Jesus by engaging the person and – more importantly – by loving the person.

—John Moriconi, S.J. is a Jesuit brother who serves as provincial secretary for the Chicago-Detroit Jesuit province.