Each of us has been given a light to share, as Jesus points out in today’s reading. If we fail to share it, or hide it under a bushel basket, it may be “taken away.”

I can intentionally practice shining my light could be tested out on a trip to the grocery store. It might start with giving up the closest parking spot. Then entering the door with a genuine smile; talking and really listening to the neighbor you would normally avoid; making light of your rattling cart; complimenting the deli worker on her efforts as she passes your lunch meat; and encouraging the man who you know is battling a disease. Then it means telling a good enough joke so the checkout person really laughs, not just chuckles.

What everyday chore can you intentionally practice that would share your light with others? What is the “corner of light” that only you have to give the world?  And what would it mean for you, and those around you, if it were taken away?

—Charlotte F. Ahern is a wife and mother of three college-aged children. She is also a spiritual director and retreat leader at Jesuit schools in the Chicago area.