If being the Messiah were a corporation, Jesus might call his company—including the Twelve executive trainees and the many women marketing and operations managers—“The Kingdom, INC”… with multiple ancillary platforms like “Good News.com” or “You Are Saved.net” or “Love Your Neighbor.org” and “#Grace. Mercy. Peace.”

Today’s gospel makes clear that the business of Jesus is the Kingdom. He travels from town to town with a “set-the-world-on-fire” passion, with the singular mission of proclaiming the joy of the Gospel, salvation for all through him, the Christ.

The business of the Kingdom is our inherited business too. Francis tells us, “the Gospel joy which enlivens the community of disciples is a missionary joy. The Church (all of us) which goes forth is a community of missionary disciples,” a Church with a preferential option for the poor who Jesus dignified by being so.   

Today –how will I be about the “business of the Kingdom”?

—Martin Massiello, a hospital administrator, and Jeff Weyant, an artist and designer, live in Palm Springs CA. They are members of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church and active at Verbum Dei, the Cristo Rey high school in Los Angeles CA.