Today’s readings from Genesis and Matthew immerse us in two different “storms.”  Lot and his family leave the fire and brimstone of Sodom under the Lord’s protection with firm instructions not to stop or look back.  Alas, Lot’s wife does look back and is turned immediately into a pillar of salt.

A sudden and violent rainstorm on the Sea of Galilee threatens to capsize the boat Jesus and his followers are traveling in.  Alas Jesus is asleep as the boat is being swamped.  In a panic the apostles shake him awake.  “Lord, save us,” they cry.  “We are perishing!”

Two insights:  we can learn from Lot’s wife that spending time on the hurts and failures of the past will only corrode my heart with resentment.   I really will perish if I nurse such hurt feelings.    Rather, if I focus my eyes on the face of Jesus and walk into the future in his firm grasp, the winds and sea really will calm down.  And with those first apostles we can marvel today: “Who is this that even the winds and sea obey him?”

–The Jesuit Prayer team