This fourth day of Lent we read encouraging words from our God, as given to us by the prophet Isaiah. What would Lent 2017 really be like for each of us if we take to heart these encouraging phrases:
“Then light shall rise for you in the darkness” … “Then the Lord will guide you always” … “He will renew your strength.” We rightly begin Lent with a sense of “giving something up” and “serving others more thoughtfully.” But today’s reading from Isaiah turns the tables on us. It reminds us that God will not be outdone in generosity. It assures us that the Lord desires both to stretch and strengthen us along this Lenten journey 2017. God longs to renew us deep within, even as we walk the way of the cross with Jesus.

Consider today those particular ways you hope the Lord will “guide you” this Lent. Bless Jesus for renewing your strength. Open your heart to the insight and grace God longs to send you these 40 days of strength and new life.

—the Jesuit Prayer Team