It was an amazing opportunity to attend the Ignatian Family Teach-In, held last week in Washington D.C. I brought students there from Cristo Rey H.S. Milwaukee for their first time. We were planning on speaking with our local Representatives in Congress, about how our faith guides us towards treating the marginalized with human dignity. This was a task my students were hesitant to do so soon after the election, especially because many students were afraid of what might happen to their families and friends in the coming years.

However,  after spending time with the entire Ignatian family, and seeing all the communities present speaking about the same call of the Gospel, my students were very comforted in knowing that they were not alone. And that this community would be together as we were brought before “kings and governors, because of my name,” and that it would be Christ’s testimony and the Gospel that would lead their defense.

Let us continue to be the support for one, both those near and far, as part of the Ignatian Family. May we be the example of Christ when others feel alone and on trial.

—Griffin Knipp serves as Campus Minister and Coordinator of Student Life at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Milwaukee WI.