Throughout history, God appears to people to give them an important job to do to collaborate in building God’s kingdom here on earth.  This is the case with Moses in today’s reading, as God asks him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  God promises fidelity and accompaniment after Moses questions his ability to do what is asked.  We know that God has been active throughout our lives as well, often asking us to take on a new venture or mission.  In the first week of the Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius invites us to look at the times and ways in which God has been active and present throughout our lives.  

Sometimes we are ready to jump in feet first to a new mission (a job, a new addition to the family, meeting a need in our workplace, neighborhood or church community).  Sometimes we may feel hesitant, inadequate, or insecure when God is asking us to take on a new mission.

In what situation have I heard God’s voice calling or nudging me lately?  What are my feelings in response?  Can I truly trust in God’s promise of accompaniment in my life, particularly in a new mission as Moses is asked?

—Colleen Chiacchere directs Magis Catholic Teacher Corps, the post-graduate teaching service program, at Creighton University.