In today’s Gospel, Jesus encounters Nathanael for the first time. Yet, Jesus knows both trivial details about what Nathanael had been doing with this day and also about the depth and goodness of Nathanael’s heart. Nathanael recognizes Jesus as the Son of God simply because he feels known through a simple encounter. It’s incredible to think each one of us are also known in that depth by the God that created us.

There is a gift in being known. When someone knows and loves you, they are far more likely to be patient with you when you are crabby or angry or needing support. Those people know you aren’t like this regularly. I wish I was able to approach my relationship with God with the same confidence. God knows both the trivial things that are complicating my days or frustrating me, as well as the bigger issues permeating my heart. I can bring all the content of my life to prayer, knowing God will always be patient with me. Today, we are invited to acknowledge that we are known and feel free to bring all parts of our lives to prayer.

—Lauren Schwer is the Associate Director of Campus Ministry at Loyola University Chicago.